AI Accelerator Conferences

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most events and conferences are being cancelled, scaled down or switching to a digital format. Please check with event organizers about the latest status of events before making any travel arrangements.

AI accelerator events are either aimed at academic or business audiences. We have listed below conferences that are focused on business users. Most of these conferences are organized by AI accelerator (also called AI chip or AI hardware) manufacturers.


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Edge AI Summit
Nov/17/2020 - Nov/18/2020

Mountain View/United States
GPU Technology Conference (GTC)
Oct/18/2020 - Oct/21/2020

Washington, D.C./United States
AI Hardware Summit
Sep/28/2020 - Sep/29/2020
Participants: 1000

Mountain View/United States
GPU Technology Conference (GTC)
Mar/21/2020 - Mar/25/2020
Participants: 10000

San Jose/United States
International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West)
Mar/16/2020 - Mar/19/2020
Participants: 30000

Las Vegas/United States