Product by Mixpanel
Founded: 2009
201-500 employees
Product Categories:
= 1 review
= 30 employees
= 2,000 visitors

Customer Insights

easy to use
customer support
mobile app
customer service
user friendly
works well
support team

Descriptive Words

The most positive word describing Mixpanel is "easy to use" that is used in 9% of the reviews. The most negative one is difficult with being used in 9% of all Mixpanel the reviews.

Customer Evaluation

Features is the highest rated attribute of Mixpanel with a score of 4.0 out of 5.

Top Industries

According to customer reviews, top 3 industries using Mixpanel solutions are Computer Software, Internet and Entertainment. Top 3 industries consitute 48% of all customers. Top 3 industries that use any solution category are Computer Software, Information Technology and Services and Marketing and Advertising.

Average Company Size

According to customer reviews, most common company size for Mixpanel customers is 11-50 employees. Customers with 11-50 employees make up 30% of Mixpanel customers. For an average Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool / software company, customers with 11-50 employees make up 18% of total customers.

Momentum in the Last Year

Mixpanel received 2.93% of the total interest in 33 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool / software in the last year.

In the last 12 months, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool / software brands were searched 5504920 times in search engines. Searches for Mixpanel made up 2.93% of the total interest in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool / software on search engines.

Use Cases

Intigral, used Mixpanel to reach users with targeted messaging at the perfect time increasing retention by an average of 12%
Betabrand - Customer Case Study
Intel Security Builds a Culture of Innovation With Product Analytics
Innovation Lab for U.S. Bank Integrates With Mixpanel, Elevating User Experience and Increasing the Adoption of Fintech Products.
How Mixpanel inspired a new B2B tool in Ticketmaster ONE
How Lemonade flipped the insurance model and became a unicorn through a data-informed culture
Fortune 100 Media Company Uses Product Analytics to Increase The Overall Value Of Digital Viewers
Quicken, switched to Mixpanel to better track the behaviors of its customers and improve their overall experience
Japanese household goods manufacturer, KAI Group, increases ecommerce sales by 25% with High Concept and Mixpanel
MarineTraffic, a global ship tracking intelligence company, switched to Mixpanel for increased flexibility and data accuracy
How Skillshare did three months of data cleanup in one week
OkCredit, one of the most trusted mobile apps for small businesses across India, relies on Mixpanel to increase user engagement and long-term retentio
How B2B eCommerce companies can measure user engagement
DocuSign Uses Mixpanel to Accelerate the Growth of Its 100 million-Strong User Base
WikiTribune - Customer Case Study
HoneyBook improved onboarding conversion by 33% using Mixpanel
How Vente-Privee Drives Three Billion In Revenue With Mixpanel
The car-ride share company used Mixpanel’s self-serve analytics to increase user onboarding completion
Europe's leading mobile wallet, Stocard, helps retail partners shape future strategy using valuable insights from Mixpanel
Global Sofware Leader Doubles User Conversion and Lifts Customer Retention By 60% Using Mixpanel
Grabr, uses Mixpanel to gain crucial insights by analyzing billions of events, resulting in a 117X increase in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)
Deliveroo - Customer Case Study
The restaurant reservation company used Mixpanel to track its customer experience to improve onboarding and lower its reservation no-show rate
Axon stays radically focused on providing law enforcement with the best possible user experience
Shift uses Mixpanel to find north-star metrics that influence how its users convert helping increase its userbase by 10X year-over-year
Viber used Mixpanel to increase sharing, chats, and messaging for its 1 billion users by 15%
Whisper uses Mixpanel to make better product decisions and empower the entire company using data
The travel and activity booking website used Mixpanel’s messaging to increase bookings and retention
Mad Paws uses Mixpanel to inform its product decisions and to help increase customer engagement
Carnegie Mellon University - Customer Case Study
Pixum, used Mixpanel funnels to get customer insights to improve its landing pages and test other parts of its user experience
Domain - Customer Case Study
How TV Spielfilm uses data to stay ahead of the changing entertainment industry
How user analytics helped us reduce mobile app churn
Primephonic boosts onboarding conversions by 54% with Mixpanel
Guidebook cuts data costs in half by choosing Mixpanel as a back-end solution
Metrics that matter to Mad Paws The KPIs to measure growth of a two-sided marketplace
How Kaplan Test Prep increased mobile app conversions by 40% with Mixpanel
How Hidden Valley Ranch Increased Web Engagement by 30% with Product Analytics
Online training and nutrition program, 28 by Sam Wood, increases retention and measures effectiveness of their marketing campaigns with Mixpanel
FACEIT, discovered deep user insights in Mixpanel and used them to design a better player experience and increase retention
Suiteness - Customer Case Study
Why tracking less got VSCO more
misterb&b - Customer Case Study
Metrics that matter to Tata Sky KPIs to measure the success of digital content
Softplan, one of the largest software companies in Brazil, leverages Mixpanel as a single source of truth for product decisions
Innovative, all-in-one golf app, Hole19, doubles app store reviews and onboarding conversions with Mixpanel
Sunrun, used Mixpanel to track data more accurately and to increase adoption of its mySunrun app and reduce call center volume
Mobile-first banking app, Brightside, increases new account opens by 30% in less than six months with Mixpanel
Canal Digital, a leading pay-TV operator in the Nordics, serves customized content to paid subscribers using Mixpanel
HomeAdvisor, an online marketplace for home professionals, empowers their mobile team by using Mixpanel to run A/B tests and improve conversion rates
How Revolution Messaging turned a website into 13 million votes for Bernie Sanders
Hinge, uses Mixpanel to constantly develop, iterate, and improve its app to drive more interaction, retention, and ultimately matches
DashThis, used Mixpanel to increase it’s trial-to-paid userbase, resulting in a 50% increase in conversions
How codeSpark retains 85% of first month users
Metrics that matter to AdStage The framework to measure product success in ad tech
Skyscanner - Customer Case Study
Ancestry - Customer Case Study
Kaplan, uses Mixpanel to increase usage of its mobile app, optimize its sign-up flow, and send relevant messages to boost retention
Personal Capital increases onboarding conversions and iterates in days, instead of weeks, with Mixpanel
Lemonade drives 6x growth with Mixpanel's user insights
TV Spielfilm, used Mixpanel to get deep user insights that would help drive product growth and encourage more consumers to pay for a subscription
Metrics that matter to Viber A formula to meaningfully measure active users
Metrics that matter to SPC Card KPIs to drive your mobile marketing strategy
Cisco’s data scientist explains how to measure bots with Mixpanel
Seelk - Customer Case Study
Travel Republic optimizes its e-commerce platform and drives bookings with Mixpanel
Gekko, uses Mixpanel to track user behavior across web, mobile, and tablet to build a better experience increasing conversions by 71%
UN OCHA - Customer Case Study
EasyPark drives up conversions with Mixpanel, helping users discover and book parking
Comarch, uses Mixpanel to understand how customers use its products to help increase engagement, sales, and loyalty
PGi - Customer Case Study
STARZ PLAY tunes into user behavior with Mixpanel’s instant analytics
Metrics that matter to ZipRecruiter The data point that leads to better job matches
Yummly, uses Mixpanel to A/B test its designs and inform product updates helping create an increase in conversions
PatientPing, uses Mixpanel to create a seamless experience for its users improving retention by 10%
How OLX improved funnel conversions for its online marketplace with Mixpanel
Car Next Door drives user growth and retention with improved product insights
GoDaddy, uses Mixpanel daily to get deep insights about its customers to increase adoption of its GoCentral products
Blackbaud Leverages Mixpanel Across Product, Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales teams
Revolution Messaging discovered campaign insights for Bernie 2016 using Mixpanel
How Docker navigates product analytics for an open source community
Helping companies with their customer support, SupportBee, uses Mixpanel to validate important product decisions
TextMe - Customer Case Study
Leading digital publishing platform launches custom analytics for 1,000+ unique customers, powered by Mixpanel
Data Driven Conference - Customer Case Study