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Founded: 2016
51-200 employees
Product Categories:
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= 30 employees
= 2,000 visitors

Customer Insights

easy to use
ease of use
user friendly

Descriptive Words

The most positive word describing OutMatch is "easy to use" that is used in 38% of the reviews. The most negative one is time consuming with being used in 0% of all OutMatch the reviews.

Customer Evaluation

Ease of Use is the highest rated attribute of OutMatch with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Top Industries

According to customer reviews, top 3 industries using OutMatch solutions are Hospitality, Oil & Energy and Food & Beverages. Top 3 industries consitute 32% of all customers. Top 3 industries that use any solution category are Computer Software, Information Technology and Services and Marketing and Advertising.

Average Company Size

According to customer reviews, most common company size for OutMatch customers is 201-500 employees. Customers with 201-500 employees make up 21% of OutMatch customers. For an average HR Analytics Software company, customers with 11-50 employees make up 7% of total customers.

Momentum in the Last Year

OutMatch received 23.07% of the total interest in 39 HR Analytics Software in the last year.

In the last 12 months, HR Analytics Software brands were searched 2509200 times in search engines. Searches for OutMatch made up 23.07% of the total interest in HR Analytics Software on search engines.

Use Cases

Acceptance Reduces Time to Hire by 10 Days
Hyatt Improves Retention and Customer Service with Help from Assess SystemsTM (now OutMatchTM)
American Airlines Empowers Leaders With Transformational Leadership Development Programs From Assess SystemsTM (now OutMatchTM)
American Airlines
TTI Establishes Successful Talent Management Strategy by Partnering With Assess SystemsTM (now OutmatchTM)
Brinker International Improves Succession Planning and Leadership Development by Integrating Assessment Tools
Brinker International
Sales Organization Boosts Performance by 35%
Linium Adds Hundreds of Candidates to their Talent Pipeline
Automotive Retailer Fuels Growth through Targeted Assessments and Stronger Onboarding
Dental Center Selects Top-Performing Doctors Who Generate $1M in Additional Revenue
One of America’s Largest Distributors of Team Sports Equipment Improves Sales Performance by 19%
Insurance Company Boosts Sales by $1M in a Single Year
Call Center Sees a 25% Difference in Turnover Between Strong & Poor Hires
GroupM Saves over 15,000 Hours in their Hiring Process
Bay Area Bank Strengthens Customer Focus using Culture Analytics
MSX International Improves Time to Hire by 20% with Video Interviewing
CTIS Sees Dramatic Workforce Transformation Using Assessments to Help Select Employee Base
Video Interviewing Saves Time and Empowers Hiring Teams at Tech Data
Tech Data
Insurance Company Uncovers the Key to Year-Over-Year Sales Increases
Tarrant County Human Resources Improves Management Development Programs With Help From Assess SystemsTM (now OutMatchTM)
Nationwide Retail Chain Saves $18M by Reducing Hourly Turnover
How Acceptance Insurance Modernized Their Hiring Process
Linium Eliminates Employee Replacement Costs
International Hotel Chain Reduces Turnover by 17%
Farmers Insurance Leverages Assessments to Select Best Professional Candidates While Improving Hiring Efficiencies
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Leverages Assessments for Dramatic Improvements in Selection, Development, Succession and More
Red Robin
National Office Furniture Realizes Improvements in 100 Percent of Its Senior Leaders by Partnering with Assess Systems
Fortune 500 Auto Retailer Adds $4.2M in Sales by Hiring Outstanding Salespeople
World Leading Call Center Boosts Diversity Hiring by Nearly 2X
Luxury Retailer Boosts Sales by $2M Per Year
American Fast-Food Chain Saves $1.6M by Reducing Turnover
Global Sportswear retailer scores by redefining employee success through new competency models
CTIS Sees Dramatic Workforce Transformation Using Assessments to Help Select Employee Base
First Citizens Bank Improves Candidate Experience, Candidate Quality and Time-to-Hire Using Assess SystemsTM (now OutMatchTM)
First Citizens Bank
Apotex Improves Hiring Efficiency by 73% with Video Interviewing
Assessments Improve Sales & Turnover by Targeting the Hospitality “Gene”
American Blue Ribbon Holdings Saves $3.2M by Reducing Turnover
Lenovo Saves Over 500 Recruiter Hours in One Year with Video Interviewing
GroupM - Customer Case Study
Chili’s Saves $21M Annually by Reducing Turnover
Herbalife Harnesses Power of Fast-paced Growth with Chequed Solution
Transforming Succession Planning, Leadership Development, and New-Employee Selection
Learning Care Group Transforms Hiring with ChequedReferenceTM
International Health Care Provider Avoids Spending $1m per Location on Bad Hires
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Establishes Succession Program by Partnering with Positive People Development and Assess Systems (now OutMatchTM)
RMS Hires Specialized Talent Faster & More Effectively with Video Interviewing
Management-Level Selection and Development Tools Help Hyatt Raise the Bar on Hospitality
Chili’s Earns an Additional $13.5M by Improving Server Selection
Nationwide Retail Chain Saves $10.5M Annually by Promoting Internal Talent
Global Convenience Store Fuels Growth with Franchisees Who Drive 5% Higher Sales
American Airlines Leverages Candidate Assessments from Assess SystemsTM (now OutmatchTM) Integrated with Taleo® Applicant Tracking
American Airlines
GroupM Adds over 6,000 New Candidates to their Talent Pipeline
Acceptance Auto Insurance Improves Operations and Candidate Quality with iCIMS and OutMatch
International Hotel Chain Boosts Net Promoter Score by 10%
Acceptance Improves Quality of Hire for $175,000 in Annual ROI
Global leader in contract foodservice and hospitality realizes more time and money after ramping up reference checking
Finding Best-Fit Candidates for Grand Openings in 2017