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Most online and offline documents can be categorized as semi-structured data. They are not immediately processable by machines. Initially, template based software attempted to bridge this gap and allow companies to automatically extract data from documents. However, templates enable limited levels of automation and are hard to maintain. Since the last few years, vendors have built machine learning models using millions of sample documents. These models are able to automatically extract data from documents with a high accuracy rate

To be categorized as a document capture software, a product must be able to

  • automatically extract data out of a specific type (e.g. invoice) or various different types of documents.
  • provide a confidence for the extracted data so users can decide to auto-process or manually validate the software output
  • provide a User Interface (UI) for manually validating and correcting extracted data

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These are the number of queries on search engines which include the brand name of the product. Compared to other product based solutions, document capture software is less concentrated in terms of top 3 companies' share of search queries. Top 3 companies receive 0% (76% less than average) of search queries in this area.

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Document capture software is a less concentrated than average solution category in terms of web traffic. Top 3 companies receive 0% (77% less than average solution category) of the online visitors on document capture software company websites.


Number of Employees

Median number of employees that provide document capture software is 0 which is 60 less than the median number of employees for the average solution category.

In most cases, companies need at least 10 employees to serve other businesses with a proven tech product or service. 0 companies (49 less than average solution category) with >10 employees are offering document capture software. Top 3 products are developed by companies with a total of 0 employees. 0 of these top 3 companies have multiple products so only a portion of this workforce is actually working on these top 3 products.